Ten Tips to Help You Land a Part time Job

Part time jobs can help provide extra income, advance your professional skills and prepare you for a full time career.  Whatever your reason for seeking a part time job, here are ten tips to help you land it.

  1. Identify areas of interest – Popular career websites post thousands of new job opportunities every day. To help narrow your search, begin by identifying positions and industries of interest.  Create email alerts with the websites, so that you are notified when new positions in your field are posted.
  2. Polish your resume – Job competition is fierce, so when you identify an opportunity that fits your needs and skill set, have a polished, professional resume ready to go.
  3. Get organized – It’s not uncommon to apply for several positions before landing a job, which makes it extremely important to get organized before you begin the search.  Create a spreadsheet to help you track your job submissions.  Craft sample cover letters and thank you letters to use as templates.  Line up your professional references, so that you have people ready to vouch for you.  By having an organized job search system in place, you can use different resumes, each tailored with your skills that meet the job requirements.
  4. Create a professional online presence – Create a professional online presence using LinkedIn or by creating a personal website.  These platforms provide a professional portfolio to which you can refer or hyperlink when submitting online applications, as well as in your cover letter and resume.
  5. Network with friends, family, and business contacts – Networking serves as a key resource for landing a new job.  Reach out to family and friends and let them know you are seeking a part time job.  Offer to send along your resume and a list of the types of jobs you are seeking.
  6. Attend professional outings – Social outings, like chamber events and professional networking lunches, offer the opportunity to put on a suit and showoff your professional appearance while networking with other professionals.
  7. Volunteer – Volunteering provides many benefits to you and the cause or charity you choose to support.  Volunteer projects will help you gain project management skills, and expand your professional network.
  8. Apply with businesses you currently patronize – Depending on the positions you identified in step one, create a list of businesses you currently patronize that fall within your areas of interest.  Chances are you’ve already established casual relationships with one or more employees, which could provide an extra advantage as a job candidate.
  9. Visit prospective businesses in person – When your skills match the qualifications of a position, consider delivering your application and resume in person.  A personal meeting gives you the opportunity to show off your personality with your resume.  Avoid peak business hours so that you don’t add to an already stressful time period.
  10. Follow up – Applying for a job doesn’t end with submitting your application.  Don’t forget to follow up with the hiring manager and any other contacts at the business with a personal thank-you.  In your thank-you letter to the hiring manager, reiterate your qualifications and stress how you will individually and uniquely contribute to the team.
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