Starting a Coloring Book Line for Adults

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There’s a common misconception that the publishing industry is in terminal decline thanks to the rise of digital media. The reality is that publishing is healthier than ever. A surprising emerging trend that’s taking the publishing business by storm is the success of the adult coloring book. One of top-selling books on Amazon  is currently a coloring book aimed specifically at grownups. Many adults are rediscovering the joys of coloring for a variety of reasons. Use the following tips to launch your own adult coloring book line.

Perform Some Market Research

The first step on the path to creating a blockbuster line of adult coloring books is figuring out what’s hot with consumers. Take a look at  the different titles that are selling well and draw some conclusions. For instance, you could set up an online poll to see what kinds of coloring books will resonate with your potential audience. Study design blogs like Zenspirations or Graphic Exchange to get a better understanding of the motifs and styles that are popular with the general public.

Develop a Specific Niche

When you’re launching a line of books for the first time, it’s best to stick with one particular theme at the outset. First things first, think about the intended audience for your books. Many adults find that coloring books are a great form of stress relief and prefer soothing pastoral images. Others use their finished pictures as templates for murals or t-shirt logos. Coloring books that are based on shows like Game of Thrones or styles like tribal art are very successful.

Flesh Out a Software Arsenal

Whether you’re designing and creating your images yourself or outsourcing the details to a freelancer, you’ll need some basic design software. A general purpose creative suite like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP is a good start. A quality desktop publishing app like Corel Draw or Adobe InDesign is another sound investment. The use of cloud-based services like Dropbox can allow entrepreneurs and their collaborators to quickly send and receive big media files. If you need to, upgrade to a more robust PC with solid graphics firepower.

Deal with the Legal Details

It’s a given that you’ll need to form an LLC or S corp to structure your new business prudently. Doing so with help you later on with taxes and any potential liabilities. Register your business with the local authorities and pay any fees that apply. Above all else, you’ll need to trademark your brand name and copyright any coloring books that you produce. It’s best to consult with a lawyer that can advise you on the best way to proceed in this department.

Line Up Some Freelancers

Even the most talented jack-of-all-trades can’t possibly do it all on their own when it comes to putting out an adult coloring book. Assembling a stable of talented designers and other freelancers that you can lean on will help out immensely later on. You can use sites like Elance or Upwork to find qualified professionals that charge competitive rates for their creations. Offering designers a cut of the profits on your books if they sell a certain number of copies is a great incentive.

Find a Publishing Platform

There are literally dozens of great platforms out there that you can rely on to both create and publish your adult coloring books. At the moment, CreateSpace is the most popular platform for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Other top options include FastPencilLuluiUniverse and Blurb, to name just a few. When it comes to selling your books to the general public, Amazon Kindle is probably the most appealing marketplace on the web. Alternatively, you could use Shopify to sell your physical or digital books to customers.

Market the Books on the Web

For the most part, adult coloring books sell themselves provided you’ve put together a quality offering. Obviously, letting your audience know about your book line is the tough part. Using social media sites to organically spread the word is always a savvy move.  Facebook Groups are a great way to build a community and market to it. Google+ and Twitter can also be productive avenues if you’re good with viral marketing. Instagram and Pinterest can get your designs in front of the right eyeballs at light speed.

Fine-Tune Your Approach

Once you’ve sold a few copies of your books, you can use the feedback that you’ve accrued from customers to guide your efforts moving forward. Die-hard fans that appreciate your initial offerings will often suggest new ideas that you can use for the next series. Play around with themes as well as styles to find the most lucrative niche or niches to exploit. Nailing the all important pricing equation is clutch. Most adult coloring books retail for roughly $8 to $10. Try to use bundled deals to move more units.

Reaching for the Next Rung

Merely selling your coloring books via the web is just the the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways to monetize your designs if you stretch your brain. For instance, you could produce coloring templates that can be used to create iron-on clothing logos or snowboard adornments. You could also sell custom art supplies directly to your customers on your site. Any way you slice it, the adult coloring book market is hot and easy to exploit with a little imagination.

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