Making Money as an Advisor with Lia Sophia

There are many small business opportunities available on the market today. One of the best opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs is through Lia Sophia. Lia Sophia is an in home sales company that sells jewelry in an in home showcase setting.  Advisors with Lia Sophia are given the opportunity to go into clients homes and host private jewelry shoes.

About Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia was founded by the Kiam family and was set up as a way to organize different entrepreneurs together into one big network. This format gives the small business owners national name recognition, while still allowing large levels of autonomy. Lia Sophia offers lifetime guarantees on their jewelry. By giving consumers confidence in their purchases and helping inspire trust in the brand name. Lia Sophia is a family focused business that hopes to elevate the status of all of their Advisors.

How to Earn Money with Lia Sophia

Advisors with Lia Sophia have a unique opportunity to set up their business based on the amount of time that they wish to spend working as well as by the amount of money that they want to earn. Advisors earn 30% of everything that they sell; the more that an Advisor for Lia Sophia sells, the more money they will earn. An individual advisor can earn upwards of $195 per jewelry show. The average Lia Sophia jewelry show makes $650 and 30 % of every item sold is profit for the Advisor. More shows per week means an advisor can make more money. The format is easy to follow and allows Advisors to make as much money as they want.

Room for Promotion

Many small business opportunities do not offer room for advancement. This is not true with Lia Sophia. Every Lia Sophia Advisor has the ability to build their own team and become a manager. There are several different levels of manager, the higher the ambition of the Lia Sophia Advisor, the higher the earnings potential. A Unit Manager at Lia Sophia averages $26,000 per year. Once an Advisor is comfortable there is unlimited room for growth. Top tier Zone Managers make over $600,000 a year.

Benefits of Becoming an Advisor

Becoming an Advisor with Lia Sophia has many benefits. The two greatest benefits to advisors are financial freedom and flexibility.

Financial Freedom

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