Making Extra Money During A Pandemic

Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs as a result of the current worldwide crisis. Are you one of them?

If so, then you’re likely struggling financially. You’re not alone as millions more have been subjected to decreased salaries, furloughs or lay offs due to a lack of work.

There is hope, though! Thanks to modern technology, there are ways of making money during a pandemic. While the future is uncertain, learning some side hustle skills can help provide extra security in your time of need.

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Are you interested in learning a few? We’ve compiled a list of some of the top money-making methods that you can start doing right away. Learn the top 11 ways to earn an income during the crisis below.

1. Virtual Events Planner

Businesses who haven’t laid off their employees have been forced to do the bulk of their work in their own homes. As a result, there’s been a huge increase in teleconferencing and other virtual events.

Are you a meticulous planner? Do you enjoy paying attention to all the small details to ensure an event goes off as planned? If so, then there’s money to be made in virtual events planning! First, you’ll want to set up a profile or website that highlights your skills. Then, start searching for clients in need of your services.

2. Create a Product or Offer a Service

Another way to make money during this unprecedented time is to create your own type of product or service that can help others. Dozens of entrepreneurs have begun crafting and selling their own masks. There are other needs that have cropped up due to the pandemic, too. Consider:

• Virtual babysitting
• Cleaning services
• Contract tracing services

Where there’s a need, there’s a way to make money! Are you still unsure of what to do? Start asking your friends, family, and social media acquaintances what they need during this time. Use the information you learn to create a business that can fill that void.

3. Sell Your Spare Items

Do you have a lot of spare items laying around your home? Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You don’t have to start a yard sale to get the items sold, either. Consider selling your items on online marketplaces like thredUp, eBay, Poshmark or Facebook’s marketplace.

4. Sell Printables

Printables are products that can be downloaded and printed right from your home. If you’re witty, then you can create incredible products that can be printed at home. First, select your target market. Then, get to work creating an awesome template printable. You can make:

• Planners
• Vision boards
• Trackers
• Checklists
• Artwork
• Worksheets or curriculums for at-home learning

Get creative and make sure your printable stands out from the competition. Once you have a good product, you can start selling it on your own website or sites like Etsy.

5. Print On Demand

Are you creative by nature? Do you love making cute designs, logos or catchphrases? If so, then the print on demand industry might be for you! Research what’s trending, and create a design that you’re sure will catch on. Then, make your own merchandise through sites like:

• Amazon
• Redbubble
• TeeSpring
• Etsy

With your design, the possibilities are endless. You could make shirts, totes, face masks, jewelry, shirts or even decorations for the home.

6. Create a Course

Do you have a specific talent or skill set? Have you found unique or innovative ways to overcome the pandemic situation? If so, then you should consider creating an online course. An online course can range anywhere from teaching people how to become freelancers to creating a curriculum for at-home learning.

7. Virtual Personal Trainer

The pandemic has forced most gyms to shut down. Those that do remain open are subject to strict restrictions, and many are asking their customers to wear masks. It’s not very comfortable to try to work out while wearing a mask, so a lot of people are instead opting to work out at home.

That’s where you come in! If you’re passionate about health and fitness, then you can start a virtual personal training business. As a personal trainer, you’ll help design workout plans, create weight-loss diets or otherwise help your clients meet their fitness and health goals.

8. Food or Product Delivery Service

Since the pandemic, more people have opted to have their food delivered. Not only are restaurants delivering food, but grocery stores are also joining the trend. If you already visit the grocery store frequently, then becoming a shopper for someone else might be for you! Check out websites like Shipt and Instacart to learn more about how to get started. If you’re interested, then you could also consider getting a job with restaurant delivery services like Uber Eats or DoorDash.

9. Provide Bookkeeping or Accounting Services

If you’re good with numbers and data, then you might make a great virtual bookkeeper or accountant. These individuals remotely provide services like categorizing transactions, recording every expense and reconciling credits and debits.

Due to the pandemic, many traditional bookkeepers and accountants have been laid off or sent home from work. You can help businesses stay afloat by helping them manage their books virtually, which is a skill some of their traditional accountants may lack.

10. Use Freelancing Sites Like Fiverr and Upwork

One of the hardest challenges to overcome as a freelancer is gaining clients. Cold pitching can be successful, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to dive into the freelancing world without hunting down clients, then you should check out websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

These platforms connect clients with freelancers. You can offer a wide range of services that are mentioned on this list including virtual event planning and bookkeeping. You might also be interested in offering services like content creation, web design or marketing services.

11. Virtual Coaching

Do you have a passion for helping people achieve their goals? Do you often find yourself the go-to person for advice from friends and family? If so, then you’ll thrive in the virtual coaching world. Unlike counseling, coaches don’t try to help individuals solve problems through therapy. Coaches help people set and achieve life goals. You could focus on niches like gaming, business, politics or life in general.

Your Guide to Making Money During a Pandemic

Is this worldwide crisis taking a toll on you and your ability to provide for your family? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are ways of making money during a pandemic. If you’re crafty, then you might be able to come up with even more ideas than the ones on this list!
Keep using the internet to achieve your goals. Together, we’ll make it through this pandemic and see brighter days.

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