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Make More Money Challenge

Do you want to start making more money? Who doesn’t ?!

It’s time to make 2014 the year that you dramatically increase your earnings.

Make a real commitment and get the inspiration and encouragement you need to start a Side Hustle, get ahead of your budget and build your income.

Why Start a Side Hustle?

Whether you take on a side business, a side project, or a side job, there are so many simple ways to get started with a side hustle. Reasons for starting one include:

  • ·         The world economy is changing, real wages are declining, and it’s time to be creative if you want to keep your lifestyle or improve it
  • ·         Boost your savings for a rainy day or to enjoy an earlier retirement
  • ·         Feel good about yourself by making extra money through your skills
  • ·         Control your own destiny and position yourself for success

What You Will Learn from the Make More Money Challenge

After you sign up for the challenge, your spare time will be more focused on what your potential is, how you are tracking, and what you can do to reach that potential. This includes:

1.       Setting a goal for the extra amount of money you want to make

2.       Tracking this each week in the fillable pdf provided

3.       Evaluating your progress

Why Join the 26 Week Make More Money Challenge?

Joining our challenge is an important step in your journey to making more money for yourself. There are several reasons why you may find it highly beneficial, including:

  • ·         Motivation and support from knowing you’re not in this alone
  • ·         Additional commitment to making more money will help you keep at it

·         Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t suddenly start earning thousands tomorrow. Acknowledging that starting this process will take 26 weeks is a healthy approach to your commitment to making more money!

·         For more ideas, check out our free publication  101 Ways To Make More Money.


Register for the 26 Week Make More Money Challenge today!

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