Make Money Selling Used Books

                While a full bookshelf of interesting hardbacks can make for beautiful interior decorating it doesn’t put crisp bills into your wallet. It can be frustrating to buy books that you only use once and their cost isn’t much of an investment if you can’t sell them after the fact. Luckily, you can sell them to get back the buying cost or even make a profit. Here’s a list of sites you can use to sell your books and make money in the process:

1. allows you to sell your books for the best price. Listing your books to receive the best price is a bit of a game as you can watch the average price for your ISBN fluctuate. When competitor books are at high prices you can undercut them to get the sale and still make the profit you’re looking for.

2. is housed in Portland, Oregon and is one of the biggest independent book stores in the world. Part of their charm is found in the sprawling ‘city of books’ that mixes new and used inventory. They now have warehouses across the United States ready to purchase and house your used books.

3.       Amazon has been a major player in the used book industry because it’s amazingly easy to set up a seller account. The one thing you need to watch out for is the percentage that Amazon takes of every transaction. Be certain that you sell the book for enough money that you can afford the shipping and Amazon cut without owing money in the end.

Whether you are planning to sell textbooks and books that you’ve already purchased or are planning to garage sale for hidden treasures, there are lots of online sites you can take advantage of to earn a profit.

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