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In the early days of the Internet, people mainly published blogs on sites like GeoCities and Angelfire for fun or to express themselves. Thanks to web advertising platforms like AdSense and the rise of affiliate programs, commercial blogging has absolutely exploded since then. Taste makers and high-profile bloggers nowadays have the ability to shape public perception and make a tidy sum in the process. However, the hard truth is that most bloggers fail at their goals. If you want to make it to the top, there are three very simple things that you must always keep in mind.

Remember Your Niche
You can’t be all things to all people, and even the heavyweights in the general news industry like Time and Newsweek are going under. People want information in their specific area of interest. More to the point, they want a comprehensive blog experience that guides them through purchasing decisions, provides advice and informs them while being entertaining. Choosing the right niche to pursue is important, but selecting the correct domain name is just as critical. Pick something memorable that accurately conveys the purpose of your blog. Don’t forget that the whole point of your website is to fill a niche void and deliver the best material possible in your field.
Make the Web Richer and Profit
You’ll attract a large following by delivering high-powered content in spades and providing a continuous source of helpful information. Whether you plan on writing review-style buyer’s guides, op-eds or just short instructional posts, keep your prose tight and concise. In a multimedia-focused age, audiences have come to expect audio, video and more from their favorite blogs. Posting clips on YouTube is a particularly effective and lucrative way to promote your blog. One of the most successful tactics is the all-powerful infographic, which lends itself nicely to viral propagation across the broader web.

Promote, Expand and Evangelize
The easiest sell to make is the one that your readers don’t even realize you’re making. A healthy, evenhanded mix of affiliate marketing, email marketing of your own product and Adsense is the way to go. The odds of eventual niche blogger success increase exponentially if you build a list of die-hard followers to which you can market. Information products are highly profitable, so write an e-book in your niche and sell it via your email list and your blog. Use a service like Aweber to easily send mass emails and administer sign-ups for your virtual newsletter. Effective email marketing will make or break your blog in the long run.

What Are You Waiting For?
The first step on the path to blogging success is finding the right guide when you’re getting started. Become a Blogger is a comprehensive blogger training course that shows you the ins and outs of effective and profitable blogging step by step. If you’re stumped as to where or how to begin your blogging career, it’s one of the best resources available. Always remember that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want to become a successful blogger, you can make it happen with the right tools, mindset and training.

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