Let Your Creativity Make You Money

Are you the creative type ?  Have a knack for creating business names and taglines?  SquadHelp and Naming Force are two crowdsourcing  websites that allow you to use  your creativity to make money by suggesting creative names for a company’s website or products and/or taglines.

SquadHelp.com allows businesses  to start a contest to request assistance in finding a new name for their business or website, designing  or reviewing  a website or creating a logo.  Then, individuals  compete with other contestants to present the best idea.  At the end of the contest, the business selects the best submission and awards the prize.  The minimum prize is $50; however, many contests offer at least $100.

For example, one recent business was looking for a name for its custom denim business. Another was looking for help analyzing its website, with the winner receiving $100.

NamingForce.com is another website that allows you to make money by suggesting the winning domain name or tagline.  Naming Force conducts market research on the popularity of the names submitted.  Then, through a crowdsourced voting system, the top names are sent to the contest holder for them to select a winner. A standard contest lasts 15 days and 5 days for a rush contest. Many of the contests award$ 250- some $500.  Payment is guaranteed to the winner and made via Paypal.

For these naming competitions, many may submit entries- so the competition may at times be steep. But, one thing is for sure: You can’t win if you don’t enter. Put your creativity to work and start making money.



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