Jockey Person to Person: Earn Money as a Comfort Specialist

Opportunities for making extra income in this economy are few and far between, making it necessary for motivated individuals to strike out on their own by starting their own business. Jockey Person to Person is an opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business and earn money from day one. Rather than taking a blind leap, those who partner with Jockey join an established business and benefit from guidance and a tested program for success.

 What Is Jockey?

Jockey, a family business, designs, creates and markets comfortable Jockey-brand clothing such as T-shirts, active wear, tanks, underclothes and more. You can find Jockey merchandise in any retail store. Jockey Person to Person is a subdivision of Jockey focusing on person-to-person sales through parties and sales calls much like Avon, Mary Kay and other person-to-person sales companies. Representatives sell Jockey-brand merchandise in a more personable format in order to deliver superior customer service.

Who Is It For?

Jockey Person to Person is perfect for self starters who want to own their own business and are passionate about fashion. This opportunity makes it possible for people without business know-how to learn the ropes of owning their own business. For a low startup fee of $50 to $300, representatives receive everything they need to start working including a business guide, $1200 worth of clothing items, catalogs, postcards, style guides and more. Jockey even pays for some of your business expenses including hostess awards and credit card processing fees.

How Jockey Comfort Specialists Make Money

Entry-level representatives, called Comfort Specialists, earn commission on everything they sell. As representatives advance in the company by acquiring recruits to work under them, they earn additional commissions based on their recruits’ sales and team’s sales as well as bonuses.

 Compensation Plan

With Jockey P2P, representatives earn 25 to 40-percent commission on personal sales. For example, entry-level Comfort Specialists can earn $150 for each party with $600 in sales while Team Leaders earn $240 per party for each $600 in sales. Leaders can also earn 7 to 10-percent commission on team members’ sales. Those in upper levels have unlimited earning potential as they earn a percentage for sales of representatives at each level under them.

Additional Benefits

Benefits of owning your own business are limitless. Following are just a few benefits Jockey representatives experience:

  • Unlimited Earning Potential – Comfort Specialists are not limited when it comes to sales potential. The more they sell, the more they make.
  • Flexible Schedule – Representatives set their own schedule according to family needs and other obligations.
  • No Pink Slip – As more companies lay workers off, owning your own business means that you will never receive that dreaded pink slip.
  • Extra Income – Even if you keep your regular job, you will earn additional income.

Whether you need additional income to make ends meet or just like the idea of being your own boss, Jockey Person to Person can make it happen for you.

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