How To Make Money with Your Smartphone

     There are lots of new, exciting ways to make extra money with your Smartphone.  No longer do you have to be strapped to a desktop computer to take advantage of lucrative programs. Here are some applications that you can use to make money with your Smartphone on the go.

1.       Gigwalk. This is the world’s largest retail execution platform as you work to complete gigs, or small tasks, to improve return on investment. You get paid to comment on and address issues in the merchandising process. With Shelfwatch you track and fix retail execution; with Eventwatch you verify in-store marketing events. With Gigwalk you help detect store conditions, analyze execution gaps, fix real time problems, and track fixes over time. Best of all – you get paid for it!

2.       FieldAgent. Works similarly to Gigwalk in that you complete jobs to help companies complete audits and research. You can check shelf availability, product assortment, prices, and complete surveys, concept testing, and mystery shopping. Hundreds of top Fortune 500 companies use FieldAgent for the best data collection from people like you.

3.       WeReward. All you have to do for this one is check in. Just by checking in at a location and completing a simple task, like snapping a photo of an in-store product you can earn points. These points then transfer to dollars that you can withdraw through Pay-Pal. Easy fast cash!

4.       EasyShift. EasyShift pays you to shop, eat, and explore your city. You can find ‘shifts’ on your phone based on location to get paid for. They add new shifts daily and there are shifts in hundreds of cities. The tasks are simple and translate to dollar amounts in return. Exploring your city has never been more lucrative!

So,  instead of letting your Smartphone just be an expense every month, let it work as an asset for you and start making some money!


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