How to Make Money with the Clothes in Your Closet

                We often buy clothes that we think we’ll wear either to follow trends or because it was on sale or a whim. Not everything fits just right or maybe we just don’t end up loving it as much as we did in the store. Even worse is when you get an expensive gift from someone, like a purse or pair of shoes, which just isn’t quite your style. Now you can make some money and get rid of these unwanted items!

1.       Poshmark. With Poshmark you create your virtual store for your items and upload your own magazine-esque photos, even with their cool filters, to show off the item for sale. They send you the shipping container so there’s no stamps or shipping to hassle with and you keep 80% of the sale!

2.       Tradesy. Tradesy also offers customers a protected shopping and selling experience but unlike Poshmark handles returns directly. They send easy shipping kits for sellers too, just to drop in the mailbox, and you get to keep 91% of the proceeds from your sale!

3.       Threadflip. Threadflip offers sellers the choice to ship themselves or have the company do it. No matter what, you get 80% of the commission but the cut might be up or down a few dollars based on who takes money out for shipping, and when. Only women’s clothing is acceptable merchandise here.

4.       Vaunte. This option takes it to the next level as buyers can opt for VIP service, in lieu of DIY, and have Vaunte professionally photograph, inventory, and ship items on their behalf. Commission depends on the item and your seller profile.

5.       LikeTwice. They buy your clothes, bags, and shoes, and take you out of the equation. No hassle, no fuss! Simply look through their list of accepted brands and make sure that it meets the qualifications. Ship it off to them and get your money!


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