How To Make Money with Scoopshot

Scoopshot is a free app for your smart phone that you can use to make a few bucks! The concept is simple: you take beautiful photos and then sell them through the app to interested buyers. You can take photos through the application or import them from your camera roll and send them to interested buyers in response to their postings of tasks. You can also help charities and local community projects through the app by sending pictures pro bono.

You can sell your photos and videos through Scoopshot and keep a portion of the sale price for yourself. Whether you’re selling a stock-image style photograph of flowers or are capturing a video of up-to-date news action, there’s a buyer out there who might be interested in what you’ve been able to capture through your camera lens. The application is a great supplement for freelance or professional photographers as well as anyone who has an eye for artistic expression with their smart phones.

Buyers are able to search for specific categories and tags in order to find the exact photo that they’re looking for. If they can’t find it they can also commission photos and videos from you and then you are able to go out, capture, and sell the exact shot that they need.

Mobile photographers are the newest method of crowdsourcing for eyewitness photos and videos and Scoopshot is bringing these photographers to journalists, news programs, and charities who seek access to a global pool of unique photography. Basically, photography enthusiasts are learning that if it’s worth publishing, it’s worth money! No longer are once-in-a-lifetime shots reserved for your Instagram account -you can actually sell photographs and videos, get paid, and know that your work is getting published!

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