How to Make Money with a Pet Business

 According to the best estimates, pet care will be a $55.53 billion industry in 2013  in the United States alone. With so much money on the table, there are hundreds of opportunities for profit. Here are ten of the best ideas for hungry entrepreneurs.

Dog Walking
Let’s begin with the obvious. Many dog owners simply don’t have the time to take Fido out for a morning or afternoon constitutional around the park. All you have to do to earn a tidy sum is attract a steady roster of clients that trust you to walk their dogs.
Pet Grooming
Considering how many of our pets are fur-clad, a grooming business is a logical starting point for animal-loving entrepreneurs. It’s not that tough to clip nails, give baths and trim coats. The only tough part is building a reputation and marketing yourself.
Training & Obedience School
For the most part, well-trained pets are the result of many hours of training. An experienced trainer can be the difference between an unmanageable terror and an obedient companion. Pet trainers are well compensated for their services.

Food & Treats
Much of the pet food on the market nowadays is comprised of low-quality meat and GMO grains. As such, the organic pet food and treat industry is experiencing a renaissance as of late. Creating your own custom pet grub is a great way to play the trend.

Toys & Accessories
Manufacturing sturdy toys for play time is another creative way to grab a piece of the massive pet care market. In addition, making leashes and harnesses for dogs, cats and horses can be a highly profitable venture that requires few specialized skills.

Pet Breeding
Although running a puppy or kitty ranch requires a higher input of time and money, the profit margins are very attractive. If you have a nurturing personality and research breeding specifics thoroughly beforehand, it’s a great way to earn a side income.

Pet Photography
Everyone has a digital camera nowadays, but few really know how to take great photographs despite great leaps in technology. Having a knack for improvisation and split-second timing is a must if you want to actually make money as a pet photographer.

Physical Training 
Like humans, pets require regular exercise to get the most out of life and enhance longevity. Unlike a dog walker, a dog exerciser needs to be in tiptop shape and have a lot of energy. Under the right circumstances, it’s possible to earn a living as a pet exercise specialist.

Clean Up Services
It might not be glamorous, but you can earn a surprising amount of money by clearing yards and lawns of pet waste. Alternatively, you could start a business cleaning fish tanks, aquariums and koi ponds for those who own aquatic pets.

Pet Housing
Whether you’re constructing dog houses or rabbit hutches, a business centered on building domiciles for household and outdoor animals can be quite lucrative. For those with a background in woodworking, it’s an extremely viable option.

Taking the Plunge
You’ll need to be motivated, detail-oriented and proactive to run any successful business. Fortunately, starting a pet care enterprise doesn’t require a large initial cash investment. If you love pets, one of the above ideas may be perfect for you.

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