How To Make Money Evaluating Websites

There are numerous ways to make money online, and you can definitely include website testing as one of the most unique and easy ways to earn some extra cash. Maybe you’re trying to save up for an upcoming trip or looking to add another source of online income.  If so, being a tester for is a quick way to earn $10 or even $15 for just a few minutes of work!

Fortunately, this isn’t a get-rich scheme that puts your online security at risk.  Some of the most recognized companies across the globe rely on UserTesting to yield valuable user experience data. Facebook, MTV, CNN, American Express, Oracle, Twitter, and Dropbox are just a few of the high-profile companies that are clients. This way companies can understand which parts of their site aren’t connecting with consumers which is vital to their business.

So are you ready to start making money as a website tester?  Here’s a quick breakdown on how to make money with so you can start earning some extra cash today!

To start, you need to qualify as a tester before you can snag any work.  You have to be at least 18 years old, have either your own PC or Mac computer, and have access to a voice recording device in order to proceed with the application.  If your computer’s installed microphone isn’t working, you can purchase a plug n’ play USB mic, or you can even use your own phone.

Essentially your application process is a mock run-through of what you would be doing as a tester for  After reading and agreeing to the terms of service, you’ll be asked to record a sample site testing video. also has their own screen recording software that testers must use for all their assignments.

After recording your application video, you’ll need to fill out a demographics form.  This way you’ll be matched with only those jobs that are seeking people with your background and experiences which of course yields the most relevant user experience results.

As a tester, you also have the option of completing your project on either your iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone!  Not only is this a great way to find a testing job fast when you’re away from your computer, but you’re given the luxury of working in cozy coffee shops, public parks, and even over breakfast at your favorite diner.

So what are you waiting for?  Being an official tester is fast, easy, and fun!  Apply for UserTesting today and discover a quick way to earn some cash.

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