How to Make Money as a Professional Organizer

Let’s face it; life is getting more and more hectic as the years go by. Modern families juggle full-time jobs, children, chores, finances, activities, their children’s activities, family obligations, pets, and … the list goes on and on. In all the chaos, it’s natural for tasks, papers, and laundry to start piling up. There just isn’t enough time to do it all. Or is there?

One of the fastest growing professions, professional organization streamlines seemingly simple, everyday tasks so they can be performed more efficiently and in less time. If you’ve ever though about starting your own business, perhaps you should look into becoming a professional organizer.

 What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

Professional organizers do a little bit of everything. Following are just a few of the tasks that organizers tackle:

  • Closet and space organization
  • Estate management
  • Clutter containment
  • Create work-flow systems for businesses
  • Teach time management
  • Life coaching and goal setting
  • Event or major change planning
  • Financial planning
  • Paper filing

And the list goes on and on. Basically, a professional organizer develops systems or ways of doing things when the current way of doing them is not efficient, costs too much money, takes too much time, or just doesn’t work.

Pros and Cons of the Organizing Business

As with all business opportunities, there are pros and cons associated with becoming a professional organizer. What one considers a pro, another might consider a con. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the business, your skills, and your own limitations before becoming a professional organizer.

Pros: Being your own boss, you get to choose when you work, where you work, and how much you’ll charge. You can also earn more money than you would expect in a traditional job. You will also gain a sense of satisfaction from helping others realize their goals and true potentials.

Cons: When you own your own business, there’s no boss to go to for help. Most business owners do all the work associated with their business including marketing, accounting, planning … everything. Professional organizers have to build up a reputation and following. It can take months and a great deal of advertising to start earning money.

How to Get Started as a Professional Organizer

As professional organizers need to know what they teach, there are several courses geared toward helping individuals get the training they need to become organizers. Courses can be taken online through the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Once a student completes the entire curriculum, they can take an exam to become a certified professional organizer.

 Helpful Resources

If you’re interested in becoming a professional organizer, one of the best resources is the NAPO website at In addition to curriculum and information about taking the certification exam, this website includes current news and events as well as tips for running your business. The Board of Certified Professional Organizers also has plenty of information for those wishing to become board certified.

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