How to Make Money as a Fragrance Consultant for Gold Canyon

If you are looking for a new career opportunity that allows you to control your schedule while earning income on a rewarding compensation scale, then becoming a Gold Canyon Independent Fragrance Consultant may be the answer you are looking for. Gold Canyon’s products include home fragrance including scented candles, room sprays, candle holders, a line of body care essentials, candle care products such as wick dippers and trimmers and natural cleaning products. Gold Canyon’ s Independent Fragrance Consultants receive guidance and support while building their business. Some women concentrate on creating a successful business while others put in fewer hours to make extra spending money. You get to develop your own business strategy to meet your personal needs.

How it Works

Independent Fragrance Consultants sell Gold Canyon products at home and through catalog parties that enable one-on-one contact with customers. Candles, body, bath products and home décor items can also be sold through a personalized e-commerce website and fundraisers. The great thing about Gold Canyon is that because it is a direct sales company, you can earn money by sponsoring new consultants. That creates what is called a down-line.

Make a payment of $20 and get a business builder kit that has everything you need to begin selling. Then you can pay the balance in two payments of $64.50. If you make over $700 in personal volume the kit is yours for free. There are optional enhancement kits that you can purchase to display at parties. Customers love seeing the real thing before they make a purchase. You can also use the extra products to fill orders or to keep for your own use. New consultants are able to enjoy 50% off these enhancement kits if purchased when they sign up.

The Tools

In addition to your business builder kit, you get tons of support from the Gold Canyon team. You receive ongoing training so that you can improve your sales skills and learn the best ways to network. Consultants can also develop a personal website and mail out standard e-newsletters. The company provides catalogs and samples to make the marketing process even more successful.

Sign Me Up

If you are ready to get started Gold Canyon asks that you be at least 18 years old with a Social Security Number. You also must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States/U.S. Territory or Canada. Then contact a Gold Canyon Fragrance Consultant to walk you through the process. You will need her name and consultant number to fill out the online Consultant Agreement. It takes about a week for your kit to come in the mail. Then it’s time to book your first party!

Making the Sales

Gold Canyon will provide you with incentives to keep you motivated. The only requirement to stay a Fragrance Consultant is a minimum of 900 Personal Volume within a 9-month period. Keep within that guideline and you will stay in the program.

You receive a check or automatic bank deposit every month as long as your sales commission is at least $10. Remember, you are responsible for filing taxes on your earnings. Gold Canyon will provide you with IRS Form 1099 Misc. as long as you earn a minimum of $600.00. If you are interested in health insurance, Gold Canyon offers programs through the Direct Selling Association.

Gold Canyon can be the perfect opportunity to bring in extra money while enjoying a rewarding career. And all you need to get started is $20!

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