How to Make Extra Money with Fiverr

If you’re not already familiar with Fiverr, you may want to give the up-and-coming micro-job platform a look. It’s a virtual bazaar for skilled digital freelance work that’s quickly becoming a favorite of the entrepreneurial set. Fiverr allows anyone to market their expertise for $5 or more per task online. Services to be rendered can run the gamut from logo design to web marketing and everything in between. Before you get started, understand that making the most out of Fiverr requires a certain approach and tact.

How to Begin
Once you sign up,  you’ll need to flesh out a profile. Using promotional videos that highlight your skills is a wise move. Furthermore, you should  use Facebook and similar social platforms to market your freelance Fiverr business. Though it’s easy to get started, making serious money on Fiverr is a little bit trickier. You should understand the Levels system of Fiverr when crafting an overall strategy. Whatever your skills might be, you must create a system for success that’s viable over the long haul.
Developing a Process
Fiverr is a great site, but it can be less than lucrative if you don’t go into it with a plan. Organization and a long-term business model is key to making the most of it. After you’ve picked a niche to specialize in, you’ll have to focus on productivity. Using time-tracking software like RescueTime and Tracker to keep yourself on a schedule is clutch. Keeping tabs on basic ROI through spreadsheet programs like OpenOfficeCalc is important when making a Fiverr business effective.

Using Upsells
On Fiverr, the potential for profit is truly limitless. However, you’ll hurt yourself by not using the upsell method to boost revenue. The premise is this: your little $5, $10 and $15 jobs are essentially an audition for more work and more expensive jobs further down the road. Basically, you complete a job and then offer the client in question the option of getting more product for a higher price based on the quality of your work output. Upselling your skills and services is a subtle art, but it’s easy to sort out once you test the waters and get familiar with the concept.

Refining Your Approach
Only a few Fiverr strategies really pay off in the long run. If you get to the point where you’re getting more business than you can personally handle, then reselling Fiverr gigs can be pretty easy to transition into. Work your way up the ladder and outsource jobs to others at a lower price, then pocket the difference. Ultimately, forward-thinking freelancers who think outside the box can make a lot of money on Fiverr under the right circumstances.

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