How to Earn Extra Money as a Model

Put the want ads down. If you’re looking for a way to make extra money, taking advantage of modeling opportunities may be an option for you. You don’t have to punch a clock or invest a set amount of hours each week just to earn minimum wage or a mediocre salary. Take matters into your own hands by earning money as a model. Even if you don’t think you have what it takes, modeling is worth looking into.

 Opportunities for Models

Contrary to popular belief, models are not all size 0. Companies constantly contact modeling agencies for regular folks of all sizes and ages for their print-ad campaigns. In addition to the runway and high-fashion magazines, models can earn money by appearing in catalogs, brochures, TV shows and commercials, calendars, billboards, advertising campaigns, cosmetic campaigns, and trade shows.

If you’ve flipped through a magazine or watched any TV commercials lately, you have an idea of the amount of variety that modeling agencies seek. Sure, there’s the super-skinny, beautiful category that most of us will never attain too. But there are also huge opportunities for average people.

 How to Make Money as a Model

Models earn money everyday in every major city across the United States and around the world. While most of the high-paying jobs are in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami you can find some decent paying jobs in small cities throughout the country. The amount you earn depends primarily on the type of work it is. On average, models earn approximately $150 per hour. Models earn about $300 per day at trade shows and around $75 an hour for print modeling. However, models usually don’t get to keep all the money; the agency that facilitates the contract gets a cut of the model’s earnings, usually around 20-percent. It should also be noted that models only earn money at gigs. They do not earn hourly wages while searching or auditioning for said gigs.

 How to Get Started

Before you can land jobs, you need to create a professional model portfolio. Hire a professional photographer that has experience in the modeling industry to create a full portfolio as well a composite photo card that you can send to agencies. The card should include a head shot, contact information, smaller photos, and your stats. Take some time to craft a well-written cover letter and resume as well.

Research the modeling agencies in your area. Find out what type of contracts they fill and determine whether or not you would be a good fit. Once you have found several agencies, send them your composite card, cover letter, and resume.

Benefits of Becoming a Model

There are many benefits associated with becoming a model. There’s not a huge time commitment, meaning you won’t have to punch a clock 20 hours a week. For just a few hours a week, you can complete one contract and earn hundreds of dollars. You will also have a great deal of free license, choosing the jobs you want to do and turning down the ones you don’t.

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