Great Side Hustles for College Students to Earn Extra Money

Everyone knows that people going to college are always looking for ways to make extra money. The Ramen noodle diet is popular on college campuses, not because it tastes delicious, but because it is dirt cheap. If you are like so many other college students you are probably wondering if there are any easy ways that you can earn a little extra cash. College students have access to a variety of ways to earn cash. Three of the easiest ways to earn money during college are tutoring, selling textbooks and blogging.


Tutoring is an easy way for college students to earn extra money. When college students think about tutoring, they usually think about tutoring their peers. While tutoring one’s peers is a good way to earn extra money, college students should also consider tutoring younger students like high school and middle school students. Tutoring younger students may be ideal for college students who are in their freshmen and sophomore years of school. Tutoring peers may be more appropriate for the upperclassmen. Tutoring students doesn’t have to be limited to scholastic topics either, music lessons, dance lessons and other hobby oriented lessons are also great ways to use your skills to earn extra money. Whether tutoring math or teaching piano, one-on-one lessons can earn anywhere from $10-$15 per hour and can be a good source of money.

Selling Text Books

While selling text books only tends to happen at the end of the semester it is still a great way to earn some additional money while in college. With companies like students are no longer limited to selling their textbooks back to their college bookstore. Shopping around for the best price is a good way to maximize the amount of money that a college student can earn by selling back their textbooks. Sometimes it will be more profitable to sell it back to a local bookstore, while other books will fetch more money from an online retailer. Students should also consider putting up fliers, or posting to online swap sites like Craigslist, to sell directly to other students. Selling a textbook directly to another student may be the fastest way and may offer the most money when selling textbooks. Don’t get stuck thinking the college bookstore is the only place to sell textbooks back.


Blogging is everywhere. Most people don’t know that it is a great way for college students to earn extra money. With programs like Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates, college students can get money from people who visit their website and then go on to purchase items. The best part about blogging is that it can be about any subject that is of personal interest. No matter the personal interest, a blog can be started and money can be made. This may be the best of the three options because a well formed blog can earn college students money even when they are not working. Everyone wants to get paid while they sleep, with blogging this is a true possibility.

These three methods of earning extra money while in college are great to use alone, or combined. They only require a little bit of time, some research and the drive to eat something more that Ramen noodles every night. Starting to earn extra money in college is easy and can be done by anyone when using one, or all, of these ideas.

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