Great Side Hustle Business Ideas for 2014

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For entrepreneurs, nothing plucks the heartstrings like the promise of a new year. There are so many opportunities for small business creation that it’s tough to know where to begin. Here are 14 excellent side business ideas for you to pursue in 2014.
Subscription E-Commerce
One of the hottest business trends taking the web by storm these days is subscription e-commerce. Companies like Dollar Shave Club and H.BLOOM make a mint by delivering specialty care packages to their customers on a monthly basis. Start creating a plan to launch your own subscription based delivery business.

Market Research Consulting for (SMBs)
Small and Medium Sized Businesses (“SMBs”) need just as much help in the marketing department as the corporate heavyweights. You can leverage your own business savvy to help out the little guys by offering market research consulting services.
Event Planning
One of the easier businesses to break into is event planning. Whether you plan on organizing wedding receptions or family reunions, there’s plenty of money to be made by taking the hassle out of get-togethers for clients.
Massage Services
The nice thing about a massage business is that it doesn’t require much money to get off the ground. You don’t need to be a professional masseuse to make it pay off, either. Just hire some recent local massage school graduates, rent some commercial space and start advertising.
Mobile App Development
While mobile app creation is hardly a new idea, the industry is as healthy and lucrative as ever. Developing apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone isn’t actually that difficult even if you’re not an expert coder. All you need is a novel idea that hasn’t been exploited yet.
Day Camps for Kids
Busy parents are always willing to shell out a decent amount of cash if you’ll entertain their kids in a unique manner while they’re working. Unlike a summer camp, a day camp doesn’t have to worry as much about food, lodging or liabilities.
Prepping Students for Exams
One can make a pretty penny preparing high school and college students to take the SATs, ACTs and LSATs, to name just a few major tests. Educational experience is a definite plus but pretty much anyone can start such a business.
Niche 3D Manufacturing
3D printing has finally come into its own thanks to popular devices like the CubeX by 3D Systems and the Replicator 2 from Makerbot as well as advanced CAD software. Identify a niche and start cranking out custom 3D-printed parts.
Social Media Consulting
Nowadays, few businesses can afford to ignore social media as a vehicle for moving their marketing strategies forward. If you’re savvy with social media, you can parlay your talents into a thriving consultancy business.
Retirement Travel Organization
Baby boomers tend to have cash to spare, plenty of time on their hands and a desire to travel abroad. Starting a business that puts together travel packages for retirees can be quite lucrative.
Healthy Vending Machines
After years of being inundated with artificial preservatives and GMO food products, society at large is finally taking health and sound dietary practices seriously. Purchasing a vending machine from a company like Fresh Healthy Vending can be highly profitable.
Legal Research Services
Though you’ll need a J.D. to practice law, you can still take advantage of the lucrative legal profession by running a legal research company. It’s not difficult to get started.
Vacation Property Rentals
If you’re looking to get into the real estate game, there’s no better place to start than vacation rentals. Short-term lodgers don’t come with the drawbacks of long-term tenants and pay for the mortgage and property taxes.
Organic Farming
If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, a small-time organic farming concern could be a great fit for you. Organic produce nets higher prices and can be extremely profitable.
Seizing the Day
The most challenging aspect of entrepreneurship is choosing the right focus. Hopefully, the ideas touched upon above have given you some much-needed inspiration. Good luck with all of your profit-driven ventures in 2014.  It’s time to take action !
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