Earning Money as an Avon Representative

Many entrepreneurs consider becoming a direct sales representative when starting out with their own business. If the direct sale model is how you want to begin to start your own business then start with Avon. They are a large company with a ton of name recognition, support for individuals and community responsibility.

About Avon

Avon is a woman focused company that has helped to empower women to attain independence and financial freedom for over 125 years. Avon is dedicated to helping women provide for their families, but is also a very community oriented organization. Avon has devoted much of its efforts towards the fight against breast cancer as well as assisting with emergency relief and helping to stop violence against women. When Avon says that they fight for women, they really do. There are few companies that have advocated for the betterment of women like Avon has.

How to Earn Money with Avon

When choosing to sell Avon products the individual Avon Representative will go into the homes or businesses of others and sell them products from Avon. Avon has set up a tiered earnings system which is designed to reward the most ambitious Avon Representatives. The percentage of commission that Avon Representatives earn depends on the dollar value that they order. The range of commission is from 20 percent through 50 percent commission. The more motivated that the Representative is the more money they will make.

Room for Promotion

Every Avon Representative has the opportunity to develop a team of Avon Representatives. Once a Representative has developed a team to work with they move into the title of Sales Leader. The Sales Leaders at Avon make money based on personal monthly sales as well as a percentage of their team’s sales. The larger the number of team members that the Sales Leader recruits the more money that Sales Leader will make each month. Having motivated team members is a Sales Leaders biggest asset when working with Avon because earnings are percentage based.

Benefits of Becoming an Avon Representative

The largest benefit to becoming an Avon Representative is brand recognition. When doing direct sales, name recognition is important in getting the opportunity to complete the sale. With Avon there is over 90 percent brand recognition. This gives Avon Representatives a huge boost when attempting to connect with a new client. Clients will already know about the products being sold and have an understanding of what the Avon Representative can do for them.


Other than the obvious name recognition that comes with Avon, the biggest benefit is that Avon Representatives get to set their own hours. Whether becoming an Avon Representative represents an opportunity to supplement income, or is a chance to start a thriving business, Avon can work with individuals towards success.

Becoming an Avon Representative

Most new Avon Representatives are recruited by Sales Leaders and District Managers. Those who do not have a reference code that they received as part of their referral will need to submit an application through the Avon website. Once the application has been accepted new Avon Representatives can begin working with the company on building independent success.


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