Earning Money as a Pampered Chef Consultant

Many people look for small business opportunities that give them the ability to make their own schedules and have true flexibility. Pampered Chef provides their Consultants with the ability to achieve financial independence through direct sales. Those who are looking to start a small business with a large support network will want to consider Pampered Chef.

About Pampered Chef 

Pampered Chef is a large company that has been in business for over 30 years. Their goal is to gather families around the table for traditional meals. They have launched this vision by enabling individual Consultants to take Pampered Chef products directly into the homes of potential clients. Pampered Chef focuses on individual Consultant success to give families the right tools they need to have great traditional family meals.

How to Earn Money with Pampered Chef

Individuals can sign up to become a Consultant with Pampered Chef. The unique element that Pampered Chef brings to the in home direct sales market is that the first show, or party, hosted by the Consultant is with their own friends and family. This provides Consultants with a big boost for their first show and can give big financial returns.

The commission base at Pampered Chef is a tiered commission base, making the earnings potential higher for committed Pampered Chef Consultants. Consultants will always make a minimum of 20 percent commission. The highest commission rate that consultants can make is 25 percent. The more that the Pampered Chef Consultant sells, the more money they make through the higher commission tier.

Room for Promotion

Every Pampered Chef Consultant is given the opportunity to become a Director by building a team. A Director for Pampered chef can make $50,000 annually, though the income may vary because Directors are still able to choose their level of involvement. Top tier Executive Directors for Pampered Chef can make upwards of $125,000. These opportunities are available to every Pampered Chef Consultant. The promotion potential of the company is a huge driving force behind why entrepreneurs choose to start their career with Pampered Chef.

Benefits of Becoming Consultant

People choose pampered chef for many reasons.


Pampered Chef offers Consultants the ability to make their career a part time job or a full time career. The level of commitment required to work as a Pampered Chef Consultant is completely up to the individual. This makes Pampered Chef a good choice for stay-at-home moms and people looking for a new career.


Pampered Chef Offers free local and regional training and conferences. The ability to receive free support is a huge advantage in choosing to become a Pampered Chef Consultant. There is an unparalleled reward in knowing that a whole team of people is there to support a new Consultant.

Becoming a Consultant

Becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant is easy. There are different introductory kits available for Pampered Chef Consultants to choose how they would like to start their Pampered Chef career. These kits can be found at http://new.pamperedchef.com/start-today#. Pampered Chef Consultants also have the option to call the national hotline 1-630-261-3537 and hear about the various benefits of becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant. Either method chosen can lead to a career as a Pampered Chef Consultant starting today.



Source: http://new.pamperedchef.com/welcome

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