Earning Money as a Dove Chocolatier

Chocolate is one of the most indulgent creations ever made. No matter where you are in the world, everyone loves chocolate. What better way to make extra money, or start your own business than with chocolate. Dove Chocolatiers sell chocolate in a direct sales environment to people who are passionate about one of the greatest things on earth; chocolate.

About Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a relatively new company; starting operations in 2007. The company is backed by one of the world’s most famous chocolate companies Mars Inc. Dove Chocolate Discoveries takes to heart the love of chocolate and the desire for financial freedom through their direct sales program. The direct sales program has a strict Code of Ethics to ensure quality treatment of independent contractors as well as delivery of great products to customers.

How to Earn Money with Dove Chocolate Discoveries 

Dove Chocolate Discoveries operates in a similar fashion to many other direct sales programs. Dove Chocolatiers host tasting parties that allow potential customers to experience all of the decadence that Dove chocolate has to offer. At these parties Chocolatiers are able to connect those with a love for chocolate to the right products designed to enrich their chocolate experience. The best part about the direct sales with Dove Chocolate Discoveries is that Chocolatiers are able to keep 40 percent of every item they sell. That means that if a Chocolatier sells one item their commission is 40 percent; if a Chocolatier sells 1000 items their commission is still 40 percent.

Room for Promotion

Dove Chocolate Discoveries allows all Chocolatiers to recruit additional Chocolatiers. Every member who is down-line from their recruiter will be a potential money maker for the recruiting Chocolatier. The best part is that if someone you have recruited surpasses you then you are still able to make money off of their sales as long as they are within three levels of your position.

Dove Chocolatiers also have the ability to become managers. Managers make money based on the sales in their area. There are also Generation Overrides who get paid at a higher potential than Managers and higher bonus. Chocolatiers can go as far as they want with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

Benefits of Becoming a Dove Chocolatier

The largest benefit to becoming a Dove Chocolatier is the name recognition of Dove Chocolate. Dove Chocolate is often associated with high quality, smooth, and luxurious chocolates. The recognition of the brand will give Chocolatiers the advantage in selling Dove items rather than selling items from a brand that has no name recognition.

Becoming a Dove Chocolatier

Becoming a Dove Chocolatier is quite easy. Users who want to become a Chocolatier for Dove Chocolate Discoveries will need to purchase a resell kit. To purchase the business kit potential Dove Chocolatiers will need to fill out the application and independent contractor agreement.  If you have questions about becoming a Dove Chocolatier then there is also an area where more information can be requested on their website.

Whether you are a chocoholic looking to spread your passion for all things chocolate or you are an entrepreneur looking for a great opportunity to start your own business; Dove Chocolate Discoveries is right for you. Just visit their website to find out more information.

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