Earning Money as a Beach Body Coach

When people think about Beach Body, they think fitness. As a Beach Body Coach individuals are given the opportunity to connect people with the fitness products that are designed to help achieve fitness goals. Being a Beach Body Coach is a unique opportunity for individuals and does not require a background in fitness or personal training. The only thing that Beach Body expects from their Coaches is a commitment to getting their clients connected with the right fitness solutions.

About Beach Body

Beach Body is a fitness company that sells a lot of different products. Some of the most recognizable products that belong to the Beach Body brand are P90 X and Shakeology. There are other products that belong to the Beach Body line of fitness products and are designed to get people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Beach Body provides its clients with a total body approach to fitness which encompasses meal planning as well as exercise.

How to Earn Money with Beach Body

Beach Body Coaches earn money by referring clients to their personal Beach Body website. Coaches make a percent of sales commission based on what they sell. Coaches do not have to teach fitness classes, nutrition classes or teach people the basics of working out. Coaches with Beach Body do need to have a commitment to the Beach Body brand. That commitment will enable them to sell the Beach Body products through the personal website.

Room for Promotion

Each Coach with Beach Body is encouraged to recruit additional Coaches. As a leader Coaches have an opportunity to make more money by training their team to become better Beach Body sellers. There are other levels of promotion that are available to Coaches once they have created a team. Even after creating their own team, Coaches are still encouraged to actively sell Beach Body products and recruit new clients to Beach Body through their own website.

Benefits of Becoming a Beach Body Coach

The biggest benefit to becoming a Beach Body Coach is that individual coaches are not required to hold and retain inventory. Many other independent contractor situations require the contractor to purchase large amounts of inventory for resale. This is not true with Beach Body, Coaches simply refer clients to their website and Beach Body handles order fulfillment.


There is an unprecedented level of flexibility available to Beach Body Coaches. Coaches can promote their products in a variety of ways because they are not limited to reselling previously purchased items. This enables Coaches to have true independence in how they market their products to their clients like with the implementation of social media marketing and e-mail marketing.

Becoming a Beach Body Coach

It is very simple to get started with Beach Body as a Coach. There are low startup fees of just $39.99 which cover all of the first month’s operating fees. Monthly fees do occur with the Beach Body Business model so Coaches will need to be prepared to cover the monthly operational fees that come with having their personal Beach Body Coach website. If you would like to become a Beach Body Coach you can sign up at their website.

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