Earn Additional Income as a Tastefully Simple Consultant

A wholesome and homemade food supplier, Tastefully Simple has made it possible for women to earn additional income by selling scrumptious food items to people who love delicious, nutritious foods. All recipes are simple, easy to make, and created with today’s hectic lifestyles in mind. The platform Tastefully Simple uses is direct sales. Consultants present products in a party setting – much like Tupperware or Pampered Chef – and earn a commission on all the sales they make. Consultants can also “hire” other consultants to work under them and receive a portion of their earnings.

 Who Is Perfect for this Opportunity?

Tastefully Simple’s flexible business concept makes this a perfect opportunity for just about everyone, from those who want to earn a few extra bucks to those who want to work full time. Consultants schedule their own parties and determine how much time and energy they want to sink into their business. This flexibility makes Tastefully Simple ideal for moms, students, and those with full-time jobs.  Although consultants make sales, they don’t have to be natural-born sellers. Consultants sell products in a casual, present-and-taste format. There are no hard-sales tactics used, so even the most shy can find a way to sell and earn money.

 How Do Consultants Earn Money?

Consultants earn commission on all products sold including those sold through parties, reorders, personal websites, events, fundraisers and business gifts. Most consultants earn around 30-percent commission on all the sales they make. As mentioned before, consultants can also earn money by sponsoring or hiring others. As consultants build their own personal consultant team, they earn more money and rise in the company’s ranks.

How Much Will I Earn?

Income for individual consultants varies according to ability and how much time and effort each consultant puts into their business. Consultants who work approximately 4 hours a week, host one party per week, and sell an average of $410 per party earn around $500 per month. Those who work 16 hours a week and host four parties with the same sales average earn around $2,000 per month. Team Leaders earn around $823 additional income annually from their team, and Senior Team Mentors can earn up to $100,000 or more. This additional income does not include money earned from personal sales.

 Tastefully Simple Consultant Benefits

Tastefully Simple’s convenient, delicious foods sell themselves. People always need food, and many of Tastefully Simple’s customers routinely order their favorites. This presents a great opportunity for consultants to increase their earnings through repeat business. Following are some other benefits Tastefully Simple Consultants enjoy:

  • A flexible schedule they can work into their lifestyle.
  • The ability to be there for their families on all occasions.
  • Additional money for travel, wants, and needs.
  • Financial freedom.

Consultants at Tastefully Simple are business owners. The amount of money they earn is dependent primarily on how they run their business and how much effort they put into it. This allows women to be in control of their own schedules, financial situation and lifestyle.

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