Dog Vacay- A Side Hustle for Dog Lovers

Are you a dog lover? Would you love spending your free time caring for some of your favorite four-legged friends?  Now, you can have fun taking care of dogs in your own home and make money at the same time. connects pet owners who need someone to take great care of their much
loved dogs with dog lovers who are interested in providing dog boarding and other services. Dogvacay also allows you to provide other services  for the dogs including training, walking, grooming and doggie daycare.

To get started, you will need to create a DogVacay profile.  Be sure to highlight your experience, qualifications and skills and express your love for dogs. You will need to answer a few questions about your experiences with dogs, types of pets you can take care of any any special skills you possess.  In addition, you will be able to upload pictures- of yourself and of your own pets or pets you love. Then, you will need to decide which dogs you would like to care for. Dog owners will be able to access your profile and determine if you are a good fit to care for their dog. allows you to set your own terms for the doggie care you will provide- including pricing (from $15 to $100 per day)  and scheduling as your time permits. They also provide  pet insurance to cover $2,000 of emergency veterinary care for customer (guest) dogs after the first $200.  The website also provides you an opportunity  to offer your clients a coupon code if you would like to give them a discount for your services. One idea is to offer a discount to your repeat customers.  Dogvacay also assists you in marketing your services. You will receive a shareable URL, earn credibility badges  and will be able to order business cards and flyers to promote your offerings.

As you work for more clients and earn positive reviews from your customers, your profile rank will increase in the search results which could mean many more customers for you- and a lot of extra money.

So, if you love dogs and are interested in making some money on the side, check out Dogvacay and start making money while showing love to dogs while their owners are away. It’s a great way to make money while doing something you enjoy. Get started today!



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