9 Habits of Successful Side Hustlers


In the world of entrepreneurship, success rarely happens by accident. Whether you’re going solo or acting as part of a team, you need a particular mindset to realize your goals. If you study perennially successful business owners long enough, you’ll notice some definite patterns. At a minimum, the majority of prosperous business owners share the following traits.

They Do Their Homework

If you don’t have a well-researched plan of action drawn up before launching, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Win or lose, serial entrepreneurs never lack a blueprint when they create a side business. While a business road map doesn’t guarantee eventual profits, it does make them far more likely.

They Stick to the Schedule

Once they’ve fleshed out a step-by-step recipe for success, serious business owners that are in it to win it stick to the master plan. They check off pre-determined milestones as they reach them and use specific benchmarks to gauge progress. Most importantly, they don’t put things off for another day.

They Think Outside the Box

Every entrepreneur is a problem solver at heart. Conquering unexpected problems that present themselves without warning comes with the territory when you run your own side business. To make a venture consistently profitable, it’s often necessary to venture outside of your comfort zone and craft novel solutions to stumbling blocks.

They Know When to Cut Bait

While there’s no substitute for persistence, the truth is that not every idea you have will pay off in the end. Sometimes, it’s best to abandon a particular tack and try another approach. Learning to recognize and walk away from pointless endeavors is a key skill for any entrepreneur.

They Know How to Delegate

Even if you start your business as a solo operation, you’ll probably end up hiring employees before long if things go well. Once your side business grows to a certain size, it’ll be impossible to micromanage every facet of operation. As such, one must learn to delegate responsibilities early on.

They Outsource When Necessary

Specialization and the division of labor are the cornerstones of the free market. As you feel your way towards the perfect business niche, you’ll inevitably be forced to outsource certain aspects of your operation. Knowing which business functions to outsource and which to perform in house is clutch if you want to succeed.

They Put the Customer First

When you run a small side business, there’s so much more to serving clients than “the customer is always right.” Savvy entrepreneurs looking to take things to the next level listen to their current and potential future customers and use that feedback to guide their efforts and improve their businesses.

They Accept Imperfection

A single-minded pursuit of perfection often leads to decision-making paralysis for side businesses just starting out. When all is said and done, there’s always something that you can be doing better. As important as it is to constantly improve products and services, it’s more important to deliver them in the first place.

They Reinvest in their Businesses

Short-sighted thinking by inexperienced entrepreneurs has sounded the death knell of many a promising business over the years. Early success can be more curse than blessing if you don’t reinvest in your business to establish a solid foundation. Doing so will help you to ride out the lean years that inevitably occur.

One Day at a Time

With very few exceptions, successful business owners are not born that way. Their seemingly effortless business acumen is a product of experience, much of it bad. The journey to eventual success is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep plugging away and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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