9 Great Family Side Hustle Business Ideas

The new face of prosperity in the 21st century is that of the entrepreneur. To get ahead nowadays, you need to start your own business. Even if you’re not looking to become the next start-up billionaire, a family business is a terrific way to make money and spend time together. Here are just a few choice ideas.

Tech Consulting
The Internet is a gold mine for anyone looking to start a business with a minimum of fuss and start-up expenditure. Whether you’re looking to launch a web design outfit, a social media marketing company or an app incubator, a purely digital business can provide a role for every family member regardless of skills or knowledge.

Organic Produce Farm
Health-conscious consumers these days are increasingly concerned with the quality of their food. A roadside farm stand selling homegrown organic produce can be pretty lucrative and get the whole family in on the action. All you need is an acre or so of land and a willingness to get your hands dirty.
Mobile Food Service
A mobile food cart doesn’t require a lot of capital or know-how to get off of the ground. Hot dog, falafel or taco stands are easy to run and can be moved around to meet consumer demand wherever it arises. If you want to make it big with mobile food carts, you’ll need the whole family to pitch in.
Vacation Rentals
The nice thing about a vacation rental business is that it can take many forms. You can either purchase a property to rent on a weekly basis or run a bed and breakfast from your home. Either way, a serious rental business requires a team of players to succeed.
Inclusive Local Tours
The local tour industry is all the rage at the moment especially in rural areas. In particular, bicycle tours that highlight unique local attractions are a popular draw. Even urban areas that don’t appear to have much going for them can be quite interesting if you create an appealing tour package.
House Cleaning & Landscaping
Sprucing up residential buildings and their accompanying grounds can be quite a chore. A comprehensive house cleaning and landscaping business that involves the whole family can be a real cash cow if marketed properly. Providing all-in-one home beautification services will allow you to differentiate yourself from standalone landscaping or cleaning companies.
Online Flipping
For the longest time, becoming a commercial middleman has been one of the most common ways to start a business. The magic of the modern Internet allows entrepreneurs to realize significant profits by ferreting out hidden bargains on goods. A Craigslist or eBay business can include the whole family and make a lot of money.
Textile Production
Manufacturing in the United States isn’t dead regardless of what you may hear from pundits. One of the fastest growing niche sectors is the boutique clothing and textile industry. Whether you’re stitching together flags, hats, aprons, bags or some other fabric-based good, there’s a market for your family’s wares.
Event Planning
Event planning can bring in some serious green without putting you in the red at the outset. Coordinating corporate events, family reunions and wedding receptions can be incredibly profitable if you play your cards right. Party-planning requires a lot of manpower, however, so you’ll need the whole family to make it work.
The Mindset of an Entrepreneur
Unless you want your family business to remain a hobby, you must approach it like any other serious, profit-driven venture. The toughest part of running a business as a family is keeping personal issues out of the equation. If you can do this, any of the ideas mentioned above could be a good fit for your family.
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