12 Great Ways to Make Money on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a predictably lucrative time for entrepreneurs and those looking for a profitable side hustle. Since it’s a particularly rigid holiday in terms of activities and expectations, you can plan ahead and line up all your business ducks in a row to quickly pull in a tidy sum within a short time frame. Here are 12 excellent ways to get paid on Valentine’s Day.

Dinner Parties for Singles
Valentine’s isn’t just for the committed. Many single people search for ways to enjoy the holiday every time February 14th rears its head. A singles-themed dinner party is the best way to capitalize on this trend. Throw an inviting party for singles, stock it with wine, delicious  food and fun activities and let the magic of the holiday work.

Grow & Sell Flowers
Typically, a dozen roses will cost at least $40 when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Sell a few dozen bouquets at that price and you’re looking at a few easy thousand dollars, most of which is profit if you grow from seed. Growing flowers from seed isn’t tough if you have a greenhouse-like room in your house.

Hoarding & Arbitrage
If you don’t feel like producing flowers from scratch, selling the produce and products of others is the next best thing. Businesses that capitalize on Valentine’s Day bump up their prices when February 14th rolls around. Look at the top Valentine’s Day best sellers locally and stock up on them a week or so before it arrives.

Create Unique Gift Baskets
Roses are great but they’re hardly the be-all and end-all of the Valentine’s Day festivities. Creating unique gift baskets for those in a romantic mood can be even more profitable. Come up with specific combinations of love-themed items and package it up as theme-based Valentine’s baskets. Your wallet will eventually thank you for your holiday ingenuity.

Valentine’s Day Delivery
As it’s especially dependent on gift giving, Valentine’s is a great time to launch a delivery service. Even if your delivery service is only confined to Valentine’s Day, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make money. Try generic flower and gift basket delivery to begin with. Other options include singing telegrams and shuttle service for party goers.

Babysitting for Couples and Singles
When the hour of celebration approaches, parents realize that there are kids that need to be cared for– and therein lies the profit potential. If you love children and are willing to setup a specialized childcare service that caters to parents, Valentine’s is the time to make some money.

Valentine’s Day Consultant
If you’re good with coordination, a Valentine’s Day consultant gig could be right up your alley. The kind of people that love Valentine’s are willing to pay top dollar to ensure that their own experience goes off without a hitch. Become a “date consultant” and rack up a mint by advising your clients on the best way to enjoy the holiday.

Sell Digital Goodies on Etsy
Electronic “I Love You” items like letters, cards and coupons for favors of all kinds are pretty popular with couples and would-be couples alike. If you can turn a phrase or have some artistic talent, you can make surprisingly good money with digital Valentine’s Day products. If Etsy isn’t a good fit for you, CafePress and Zazzle are superb alternatives.

Sell Mood-Setting Products Online
Aside from flowers and chocolates, items like candles and heart-shaped pillows are some of the biggest Valentine’s Day sellers. While you could hawk an array of merchandise on Amazon, Etsy or Zazzle, you’ll probably make more money by focusing on one specific product. Set up a basic e-commerce site using Shopify and market your unique creations well ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Craft a Localized Valentine’s Day Experience Bundle
If you’d like to make some seriously easy money from Valentine’s Day, putting together a local products and services bundle is the way to go. For instance, you could sell a package that includes dinner for two at a trendy restaurant, flowers, a hotel room and a limo ride. Contact local businesses to get discounts on their services to maximize profits.

Create Custom Jewelry for Clients
It’s no secret that many men buy their significant others pendants and earrings every February. You can make a mint by crafting custom jewelry for customers based on their own specifications. High-quality jewelry doesn’t need to feature gold, silver and precious gemstones to make an impression. Partner with a local artisan if you’re not great with crafts and take a cut for marketing the goods.

Provide On-Demand Serenading Services
Live music performed specifically for a special someone makes any Valentine’s Day date truly memorable. Hire a guitarist, a violinist or a singer to perform for couples at the time and place of their choosing. If you’re a musician yourself, you can make a ton of money via tips by partnering with a local eatery and acting as their in-house entertainment for the evening.

Love & Money Are in the Air
Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day is one of the best profit opportunities for short-term side hustles. Crafting a multi-pronged approach that allows for maximum revenue with minimum effort is the most vexing variable in the equation. Regardless, Valentine’s Day is a goldmine if you’re willing to put in a minimum amount of preparation.

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