11 Great Side Hustle Business Ideas for College Students

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College is typically a great time for personal growth. While you’re expanding your mind, it’s wise to focus on developing positive habits that will serve you well later on in your life. One of the best personality traits that you can cultivate during this fertile time is an entrepreneurial bent. Here are nearly a dozen great ideas for profitable college student businesses.

Develop Student-Focused Apps

You don’t have to be an expert coder to put out popular mobile apps nowadays thanks to app builders like AppMakr and Appery.io. All you need is an original idea that’s appealing to a broad number of consumers. Use your insight into the mind of the average college student to create apps that will appeal to coeds.

Organize Group Tours

If you know a lot about the surrounding area and its points of interest, you can parlay that knowledge into cash by organizing tours. Whether it’s by bike, on foot or in your parent’s borrowed minivan, tours can be quite lucrative if you offer an attractive package. Consider putting together a tour of all the greatest bars and microbreweries in your area.

Launch a Moving Service

Physically demanding businesses such as moving companies are the perfect fit for college students in their prime. If you organize the operation yourself, you’ll retain a far greater percentage of the profits. A small-time niche moving company can be started on a shoestring budget and provides a high degree of scheduling flexibility for busy college students.

Plan Events & Parties

If there’s one area where the average college student excels with little effort, it’s having a good time. Planning and hosting events can be a great way to translate your lust for life into cold, hard cash. You could launch a DJ service, a catering business or a generic party-organizing business depending on your specific skills.

Freelance Photography

Nowadays, anyone can become a semi-professional photography with a mid-level DSLR and an eye for composition. Snap alluring shots whenever they present themselves and sell them to online stock photography outlets like Flickr, Shutterstock and iStock Photo. You can also sell your photos to traditional local news outlets and magazines with a heavy online presence for a pretty penny.

Tutor Fellow Students

Probably the easiest way to make a few quick bucks as a college student is by leveraging your existing knowledge to educate your peers. Whether you’re a graduating senior or merely a freshman with a lot of know-how in a specific area, you can make upwards of $20 per hour as a tutor depending on your skills and marketing savvy.


Build an eBay Store

College students with a knack for bargain hunting have every reason to start an eBay store. You can get started for less than $100 and rapidly grow your bank account by buying used merchandise locally and selling it around the world. Once you’ve established a solid reputation, the sky’s the limit as far as profits go.

Become a Fitness Consultant

If you played sports in high school or simply work out every day, a fitness consultancy is an excellent way to profit. Start up a nightly or weekly exercise group and charge clients a small fee to participate. If you have a specialty such as yoga, shadowboxing or spinning, you’ll be able to command higher fees.

Run an Urban Farm Stand

If you’re like most college students, your institution of higher learning is located at the heart of a regional hub. Considering the renewed interest in organic fare, you can make a mint by purchasing bulk produce from farmers out in the sticks and selling it in town at a farm stand for a healthy profit.

Operate a House Cleaning Outfit

Yet another great way to launch an instantly profitable business for little or no money is a house cleaning concern. All you need are some cleaning supplies, reliable transportation, a few business cards and a little word-of-mouth promotion. House cleaning businesses are also easy to build out by hiring your friends to work part time.

Organize a Profit-Based Ride Share

While a regular taxi business is time-consuming and hampered by regulation, a for-profit ride share side business is fairly easy to get started. You could offer weekend rides to recreational opportunities or give lifts to groups of students that are going home for the holidays. Make sure that you protect yourself by having your fares sign liability waivers.

No Limit but Your Imagination

Those are just a few ideas for launching your own part-time college business but they’re merely the tip of the entrepreneurial iceberg. If you spend a few minutes brainstorming, you’ll no doubt be able to come up with more specific ideas that are a better fit for your immediate area and your own personal circumstances.

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